Combining Web Mining Techniques and Structural Equations Modeling for Measuring E-commerce Perceptions

  • Dax Jacobson
  • Ekin Pehlivan
  • Sonia Vilvovsky
  • Wilson Wong


The goal of this study is to illustrate a novel approach to a common research question. Much research has been conducted to measure perceived value in e-commerce and several studies have utilized structural equation modeling (SEM). However, the vast majority of these studies rely on data collected from survey instruments. This study, which is appropriate for intermediate students of statistics, demonstrates what can be done using a combination of web mining and SEM techniques to analyze data captured directly from an online store, in this case data on LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) television sets. Both the data collection technique and the SEM methodology provide new opportunities for measuring perception in e-commerce contexts which can also be replicated and built upon by future researchers.