A Bayesian Control Chart for a Passivation Process


  • Balgobin Nandram
  • Brenda Ramirez
  • Jai Won Choi


Multivariate control charts can be used effectively to monitor the quality of complex processes with severalcritical variables simultaneously. However, when the covariance matrix has large dimension in comparison tothe number of runs available for parameter estimation, these charts can perform poorly. We incorporate priorinformation about the covariance matrix in which the number of parameters is reduced to just two. We considera passivation process for semiconductor manufacturing, where each of the variables represents a value ata specific location in a passivation tube, and because of the interaction between the plasma and the reactantgases flowing down the tube, the correlation among the variables might decay with distance between these locations.Moreover, the variability at the locations might be taken equal, further reducing the number of parameters.We use a Bayesian method to construct the multivariate control chart, and a statistic, analogous to Hotelling's2 T , is used for charting.